Verified Commit 353cdd84 authored by Mathias B.'s avatar Mathias B.
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Assurer que les rôles sont triés à leur affichage dans l'embed d'informations du bot

parent dad48e25
......@@ -166,12 +166,14 @@ pub async fn user_info(ctx: &Context, msg: &Message, args: Args) -> CommandResul
let mut translated_roles: String = target_user.roles.iter()
.map(|role_id| { guild.roles.get(role_id) })
.map(Option::unwrap) // Safe: None roles have been filtered out
.filter(|role| != "@everyone")
.filter_map(|role_id| {
.filter(|role| != "@everyone")
.sorted_by(|r1, r2| Ord::cmp(&r2.position, &r1.position))
.join(" ─ ");
if translated_roles.is_empty() {
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